Why in vest in Jaffna

Why invest in Jaffna properties ?

North has been closed for the last 30 years.Since the opening of A9 businesses are booming.Values of properties are going up to 300% in town areas. Property valueas are very stable in Jaffna,it only moves on Positive direction. . Better land prices are offering  land owners to regain the loss they had during the last many years.But  not all are ready to sell lands. People are very sentimental and conservative about lands. Expatriates are now trying to sell lands but some have unrealistic expectations

North estate promotes investments in view of development not colonization. We are open to business with any genuine investor with vision to development of North .

While some expatriates are skeptical about investing in Jaffna, we assure them they would not only benefit from their investment  but also will promote the growth in Jaffna.

Iif the land owners wish to sell them we assure  them getting better prices for their valued properties and encourage them to sell it to those who are interested in developing

Investing in Jaffna

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